Up In Smoke

by Great North

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(free) 03:46


released May 9, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Parker at Little Monster Studios.
All songs by Hayden Donnell

Hayden Donnell - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, organ
Rachel Donnell - bass, vocals
Dale Campbell - piano, acoustic guitar, trumpet, harmonica, vocals
Strahan Cole - electric guitar
Ryan Attwood - drums
Matthew Hutching - pedal steel

David Parker added bass, electric guitars and percussion
Jonathan Pearce added organ

Choir: Bryony Wood, Craig Jackson, Daniel Trevarthen, Tineke Struthers, Matthew Hutching, Rachel Donnell, Hayden Donnell, Strahan Cole, Stephanie Dickinson-Cole

Art and design by Rob Turvey



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Was Gold
In that champagne summer
We were both so young
The streets were crackling
Like an old time song
I felt right
I felt right
But I sure was wrong
About a lot of things

My faith was steady
And my faith was strong
Now it’s long gone honey
And I need you home
If you’re here
By my side
I don’t feel alone
So please come back to me

By the dirt
By the bleach
By your soft voice humming
In the great dark deep
I know all of this is fleeting
But stay here
I am making a new thing

They dammed the river
From my saviour’s hands
Dimmed the lights
Down on the last soul band
I was gold
I was gold
I was golden then
But now I’m ready to leave

The moon was fading
Like the leaving lord
As I staggered drunken
Back into your arms
I’ve been knocked
To the ground
But I’m getting up
When you lie next to me

I am free
I am free
As a sunset shadow
As a falling leaf
And I will sing
Even if I’m the same old sorry man
I’ve always been

For the dirt
For the bleach
For your soft voice humming
In the great dark deep
I know all of this is fleeting
But stay here
I’m making a new thing

These old chords are rising up in me
Let them all go
Track Name: Up In Smoke
So this is how it goes
This is how it feels to lose your home
To give your son
To leave him on a field
Tethers in his thumbs
And though it hurts like a fire
I’ll stay out here awhile

When I finally fall
It’ll be flat on my face
Under the weeping wall
And I’ll drink to every doubt
I’ll drink until the sky and stars blink out
If you won’t give me a sign
I’ll stay out here all night
And I’ll go up in smoke

Leaving down the aisle
In my wedding coat
With my shoes undone
My shirt untucked
I never really had that much luck
But it goes up in smoke

Always said I’d hang myself
Given enough rope
I always wondered
Now I know
This is how it feels
To be let go
You go up in smoke

I’ll be leaving like the sun
Leaving like a bird
Swallowing its song
Leaving like a crown
Leaving like a bruise
Leaving like the morning star falling
And when it all turns to dust
I’ll see your sweet kingdom come
And I’ll go up in smoke

Leaving down the river
Like dirty foam
I’d have gave my tongue
Just to hear your voice
I’d have gave the world
For a little hope
But it goes up in smoke

You only get one call
But there’s no telephone
I just want to fight
I don’t want to talk
So this is how it feels
To be let go
You go up in smoke
Track Name: Somebody Else's Lord
I’ll lie down
At the Wailing Wall
When my work is done
I’m so sick of waiting round
For somebody else’s Lord

To catch fire like the fairy lights
Do on Christmas day
And make me into a waterfall
To carry these tears away

All the stars
Look like lamps
On a distant hill
Going out

We both know
It gets darker
And it gets cold
Before the dawn

Morning born in an empty sky
Quiet as a word unsaid
I’m so tired of lying down
In somebody else’s bed

So I’m going home in a begging bowl
Fearful as a sailor’s song
It still feels like letting go
Though you’ve already gone

Hold me up
Set my feet
Make the river strong
Let me go

We both know
I get the words
Stuck in my throat
Hear me out
Track Name: Casey Jones
See the bleeding incarnation
Kneeling down in desolation
When at the great transfiguration
Abraham stood on the lonely hill
He was standing still
Singing who will hold my hand?
Who is gonna hold my hand?
You will not keep your life
So leave it all behind

Casey Jones took the evening train
Casey don’t leave that way
Who is gonna hold your hand?
As the engines crash
You will catch on fire
And if you’re going to start a fire
Let me be your light

It took the flames of recreation
To find this revelation
Forget about your reputation
This’ll be your liberation day
When everything else breaks
I am going to hold your hand
When words have lose their power
We will be the sound

Let me be your light
At our final tribulation
There will be no reprobation
And in this spinning constellation
I will breathe until the day I die
Then I’ll close my eyes
Hoping you will hold my hand
Until I find my home
Still got no place to go
Track Name: Omaha
On the water I’ll wait
For grace
To teach me how to be alone
It is singing low
In your sorrow

As your fingertips
Your last kiss
Are fading into the fog
In this smoke grey morning
I can feel you going

In the evening light
The stars are falling
Ribbons streaming red and gold
I can feel you dancing close
I can hear your voice

Sing an old time song
Radio code
Telling me my love, so long
Love is letting go
It is letting go

It’s singing
You are going home

Wash the silt
From my eyes
Be a light
When everything else goes dark
On this narrow path
In broken arms

Carry me home
I’m tired and drunk
And I can’t feel anymore
Keep my heart inside your heart
Call me across the rocks

Tell me
You are going home

Fire in the water, Omaha
Blood in my belly
Lay my body down
And build a bridge

To the beginning
Oh my God
Salt in the asphalt
Sugar in my mouth
Spit it out

Until the sky’s
Filling with stars
Feel these dry bones
Moving in the ground
Hold me close

It was you in every song
It was you in every single one

On a starless night
You’re asking me why
Leaving always feels wrong
Track Name: The River Set The Course
On the day of our union
You parted the sea
But my yoke was heavy
And my back was weak
And the waves rose above me
Covered south, east, west and north
Until my path was a river
And the river set the course

As you lie beside me
My head feels slow
And my poor heart beats
Like a bass drum
I'll keep you with me
Like a smooth stone
When my path is a river
And the river sets the course

Darling it's the same thing every time
I keep running to what holds me down
It's hard
It's getting harder

As the light settled on you
You looked beautiful as a ghost
And your words started humming
Like transistor radio
One day my weakness
Will be made strong
For now my path is a river
And the river sets the course

Darling it's the same thing every time
I keep running to what keeps me low
I want to build you into a home
While I'm acting like a wrecking ball
But our love is like a wedding ring
It keeps running on and on and on

Even if it's hard
It’s getting harder
Track Name: One Scarlet Morning
I want to lay me down
Upon your bed
I want to paint my skin
Bright blood red
As the curtains sway
To a southbound wind
We’ll be moving on

When I hang my head
Down on your chest
I’m going to spend my time
Till it’s all been spent
When we feel the old
Blue hands of death
We’ll sing a living song

Darling, you don’t have to go it alone
I’m right here
I’m not letting go
If you’re carrying a heavy load
Just let it fall

I’m going to nail my hands
On Calvary Hill
Till my bones are set
And my body’s still
And I’ll let it bleed
Till it’s all been spilled
Upon the leaving stone

When I see you on
That starless shore
I’m gonna say your name
Till I speak no more
Gonna hear your voice
One scarlet morning
Love, I’m coming home

Darling, you don’t have to go it alone
I’m right here
I’m not letting go
If you’re carrying a heavy load
Just let it fall
Track Name: Don't Say You're Sorry
The flowers are all falling
Like billowing ribbons they go
And I know you’re leaving
But stay here and say you won’t

Cos friend, when you’re near me
You honestly lighten the load

The sun will be shining
On the day he calls me home
Don’t say you’re sorry
There’s nothing to be sorry for

Cos darling tomorrow
We’ll beg and we’ll borrow
We’ll out-talk the liars
We’ll out-spend the buyers
We’ll write our own romance
Its lines like wild rivers to cross
Track Name: I'm Not Asking
I’ll stay in
Watch TV
Drink just like I used to drink
And call you on your old phone

Can’t go back
Can’t go forward
Stuck inside this terrible storm
Swallowing the same sea

I’m not dreaming any big dreams
I’m not looking for a gold wedding ring
I know you’ve got walking feet
Always looking for a reason to leave
I’m not asking you to save me

This is where I made my bed
It’s no surprise I’ll lie in it
With someone who is long gone

And this old weight
It’ll fall
But for right now it’s all I’ve got
As I’m standing at your front door

I’m not thinking I will stay long
I’m not asking you to build me a home
Just a place I already been
Same old people saying the same wrong things
Same old story we always wrote
Same old open road with nowhere to go
I’m not asking you to save me

After the rain has all fallen
And the air is filled with gold
It feels like everything is new
With no excuses in my mouth
No promises left to doubt
It feels like everything is new
And I’m not asking you to love me
Track Name: Spirits
All the rocks
Are rising up in smoke
Every city feels like Jericho
I’ll be leaving with a keening cry
Drinking water
Till the river’s dry
And spirits come alive

To tell stories
Of a losing love
Share the hurt out
Between everyone
To keep on talking
Till I find some truth
Keep on walking
Till my muscles move

Where the old piano will play
Those same ragtime notes
Its cracked yellow keys
Singing the oldest song
Everybody knows the tune
Everybody hums along
Whether they like or not
Whether they’re rich or poor
Whether they’re quick or slow

I’ll meet you there
With everything I’ve got
I’ll meet you there
With nothing more
I’ll meet you there
In my last shred of hope
In all my gaps
In all my cuts and holes
And the old brass bell will toll

As preachers shout and stomp
He’s the dying lamb
He’s the living God
And though my tongue is tied
And every step is short
I’ll hold my head up high
I won’t let it fall

Dressed in the deepest blue
Feeling the deepest doubt
Put on your dancing shoes
Honey we’re heading out
And we are going to blow
This city right through the fog
And we are going to live
Like we never lived before
Even if it won’t mean a lot
Track Name: The Sound Of The Sea
Our glory days are gone
I’ll place them down under the ice
And I hope I won’t be on my own
When I meet the lord
In paradise
And he sends me back to your arms

The past is gathering dust
I’m as tired as I’ve ever been
So I’ll hold onto the Evergreens
And I’ll pray they’ve not forsaken me
Cos I’ll be travelling light when I leave

I hear the sound of the sea

I miss you my old friend
I still love you more than anything
When it hurts too much to say goodbye
I give you Tramadol
Help you close your eyes
And I feel you lifting off when I leave

I will be back before you know it